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What's the REAL problem?

Published February 2019
By Spinnaker Analytics

In a world moving at a thousand miles an hour, we’re always looking for the quick fix. Too often, we hastily try to suppress the distracting noise without addressing the source—the real problem. Unlike this “fire-ready-aim” approach that many businesses take, a good doctor takes note of our symptoms and diagnoses the root cause instead of merely treating the symptoms.

A client interested in increasing sales reached out to us for a staffing model to figure out how many additional personnel were needed to handle more RFP’s. When we spoke with the sales department to gather data, they shook their heads.

“There aren’t any more RFP’s in the market,” they said. “We’re already seeing 95% of all RFP’s in the market, and we’re not going to get that last 5%.”

The client didn’t have a staffing problem. They had a sales problem.

In a large corporation, silos can create an assembly-line. The client was using a first in, first out (FIFO) method with their RFP’s instead of prioritizing their effort on those most likely to convert into sales.

Instead of building them what they wanted, we built them what they needed—a workflow prioritizing engine. The client was able to work smarter by prioritizing their RFP’s and without needing to hire any additional personnel, increased their sales by 20%!

The answer might be hiding in plain sight. Take a step back, ask questions and identify the root cause—the REAL problem.

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