Sales & Marketing Suite

  • Grow sales
  • Find underserved markets
  • Maximize channel profitability
  • Identify attractive customer segments
  • Align sales and marketing strategy

Sales Force Builder

Optimize your sales force, identify territories with maximum sales opportunities, and capture profitable markets to accelerate revenue growth.

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Channel Optimizer

Assess the effectiveness of your distribution channels and optimize your channel mix for profitable revenue growth.

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Strategic Customer Profiler

Analyze customer behavior patterns, identify your most profitable customer segments, and pinpoint retention drivers and service levers to address target customer priorities.

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Operations & Personnel Suite

  • Enhance customer service
  • Optimize service levels
  • Reallocate staff by skill-set
  • Understand seasonal patterns
  • Develop financial plan

Resource & Skillset Navigator

Align staffing and skillsets with clearly defined roles and responsibilities to ensure appropriate application coverage.

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Financial & Operational Planner

Predict expenses, evaluate scenarios, assess the impact of new initiatives on unit costs, and analyze expense & variance drivers.

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Service Level Optimizer

Assess service performance and align staffing with service levels and work volumes to effectively manage staff, workflow, and service.

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New Business & Underwriting Suite

  • Increase productivity
  • Prioritize high-value prospects
  • Predict medical fees
  • Develop budget scenarios
  • Identify attractive customer segments

Case Prioritizer

Prioritize your incoming applications to maximize placement rates, optimize underwriting, and increase profitable sales.

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Vendor Fees Predictor

Accurately forecast your vendor fees, identify emerging shifts in channels and customers, and improve vendor governance to gain control of your vendor fees.

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Cycle Time Tracker

Identify processing gaps and delays caused by handoffs, rework, unbalanced work volumes, and more to reduce overall cycle time.

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Customized Solutions

Don't see the product you are looking for? We have an extensive portfolio of tools and capabilities to build tailored, proprietary solutions. Whatever your business priorities are, contact Spinnaker Analytics today to build a solution that will fit your needs.

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